Restaurant employee - starting position in our company that doesn't require any working experience.

If you are sociable, positive, responsible, friendly, energetic - welcome to KFC! Here you'll get an interesting job, a lot of experience and friends, as well as a rewarding career-if you have a desire to grow with the company and if you show organizational skills.

Why is this position called so? All restaurant staff work together as one team. We win together due to helping and supporting each other! Restaurant employees can't be bored because they have various interesting work: we prepare and package special KFC dishes, serve our guests every day, make them feel long-awaited so they want to come to our restaurants again and again.

We are customer maniacs! Most importantly, we are working with positive energy, we always have a good mood and we charge everyone with itl! In order you will be glad with your work, good salary and career growth, we have created a compensation program, which will be a good incentive for you.

  • Position's benefits.

    Think out of the box!

    We will teach you to think out of the box, to be outside borders of stereotypes and patterns. Joining our team, you will get new knowledge and new skills every day, you will meet new people. New ideas and innovative solutions will come soon! You will open new horizons in yourself and your life!

    Communicate easily!

    Always finding common language with everyone. Do you think it's impossible? We will teach you a secret art of communication. Working in team or with guests - you will find right words in each case.

    Be a leader!

    You inspire people, they believe in you and follow you! In our team you won't only learn how to manage, persuade and lead people, you will be able to become a true leader in all aspects of your life!

    Weave a dream!

    The ability to set and achieve goals is the key to success. Our positive attitude and energy - what could be better for your victories? With us, you can realize your dreams!

  • We suggest

    I want to do everything!

    We offer flexible working hours and and opportunity to choose a restaurants closer to home or place of study. Friends, leisure, work, education, sports, new experiences - with us you will have time for everything!

    I want to be independent!

    Future is now, and it is in your hands. Live a full life! Competitive salary will give you the opportunity to become self-sufficient.

    I want to grow!

    Working in an international company - there are maximum opportunities for growth. We offer personal training and development plan for each employee. It's not far away to become a restaurant director from an ordinary employee!